It's much easier to keep up with the rapidly changing weight after surgery. For example, a year after the surgery, some patients lose 50-60 kilograms, but they adapt to their current condition in such a way that they can completely forget their old overweight status. As long as patients losing weight who had this surgery, they have independence, peace, mobility, and easy clothes shopping, and it affects them positively.

Sometimes, over-shopping for clothes may occur after losing weight. It is anticipated that improvement in obesity-related diseases, improvement in the sudden rise or fall in blood sugar, and improvement in feelings of guilt after eating, and many other positive developments. So, it is expected to see positive effects in patients after bariatric surgery.

The post-bariatric surgery lifestyle includes not only diet and exercise changes, but also behavioral and social changes. Changing your body and the changes that come from your inner world is just as important as losing weight. Take advantage of all the opportunities and activities that you may have missed in the past few years and enjoy your post-operative life. It is not an exaggeration to say that this surgery is a second chance for your health and life. When you enjoy your new life and weight after bariatric surgery, your chances of resuming your eating and exercise habits increase and you will be successful to maintain them even after many years.

If your lifestyle changes, the people around you may not change with you. This is part of the reality of your new life. Therefore, when you change, your relationships would change. Many of your relationships would be better, but you should brace yourself for some negative relationships. In general, your partner can behave jealous when you lose weight and change physically. In addition, your friends and relatives may not be able to participate in your activities (such as exercise, eating healthy, shopping, etc.) because of their weight, health, and social lifestyle. As you lose weight, your health and body will change noticeably, which can also mean that other people will direct their attention to you. As you move from your old life before bariatric surgery to your new life, it will help you meet with people who really matter to you and talk about your weight loss and social and career goals. When the people around you understand who you want to be after surgery, they will inevitably be prepared for future changes. Because with your change, your friends may feel fear losing you.

Stress management is important for bariatric lifestyle. Stress and anxiety can cause the secretion of cortisol in the body and lead to increase food intake. This may prevent you from achieving your goals. It is necessary to at least partially reduce the stress in your personal and professional life through post-operative counseling, exercise, meditation, and self-control. It can be said that yoga, pilates, or similar stretching are effective for reducing stress.


It is unrealistic to expect that the habits and routines that you have maintained over the years would change quickly. But motivating and focusing yourself healthfully does not negatively affect you, rather it brings you significant benefits for in the forthcoming years. Of course, it is very important that you know that you are not alone in this matter. Your family, friends and our team, who support you 24/7, are always on your side. You can also exchange opinions through social media and communicating with people who have previously had bariatric surgery within this period.


Do not forget that these surgeries are not just about weight loss. In fact, these surgeries are to change your life and make you healthier physically and mentally. That means you will find a balance that you have not been able to maintain over the years. Enjoy achieving and protecting your goals step by step. Make sure you have a great opportunity and you are starting a new life.