After the surgery, we expect that you lose 20% of your overweight in the first month, 10% in the second month and nearly 5% in the third month and after. You can see related data and chart below.



For example, take a person up whose weight is now 140 kg, while his or her normal weight needs to be 80 kg. This person’s weight loss after the surgery is expected to be 12-14 kg in the first month, 6-7 kg in the second month, and 3-4 kg in the third month. When your body adapts its new system, even there is weight loss stagnation in some periods, you continue to lose weight actively in the first 6 months.

24 months after surgery and when you reach your ideal weight, you may gain a little weight depending on your diet. If you obey your dietary rules, you keep your ideal weight and feel energetic and feel healthy yourself.