• Third phase - soft food (5th - 6th week)
    • Everyone has a different food tolerance. During this phase, try a different diet in every day.
    • The consistency of your food should be easy to eat with a fork.
    • Your stomach volume is approximately 140 ml in this phase.
    • Eat three or four meals a day. Wait three hours between your meals. (If you don’t finish your meals, you do not need to wait three hours between the meals.)
    • Don’t drink liquids when you eat the meal. Wait at least 30 minutes before and after your meal to drink liquids.
    • Take only small amounts of food and chew it very well.
    • Stop eating, as soon as you feel full.
    • In the beginning, eat your food very slowly after the surgery to see whether your stomach can tolerate the food. If you feel any pain, it means that your stomach does not ready to ingest the food for a period of time.
    • To gain the habit of nutritional habit, eat three main meals and snacks a day. (Even if you don’t have feeling of hunger)
    • Do not skip your meals and increase the number of snacks between your meals.


  • Problems that may arise with food intake, and their solutions

If you have stomach discomfort and severe pain, go back the second phase nutrition. When you feel good again afterwards, try the soft food phase again.

For other problems, please go to the "Problems and their Solutions" page.