The gastric sleeve surgery has been performed increasingly in our country. According to the international and national researches, obese people can lose weight as a result of gastric sleeve surgery, especially in the first year after the surgery. However, it has also been observed in these researches that some patients cannot achieve the desired weight or they regain some weights they lost over a long period of time.

Obese people, who have suffered from obesity for many years and whose lives have been negatively affected, experience positive changes after sleeve gastric surgery. One of the frequently asked questions of these patients is related to the stomach capacity.

Some are concerned about gaining weight back. After the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the nutritional intake capacity can be increased with portions. These situations cause to arouse curiosity of the patient’s.

The gastric sleeve surgery should not be seen as a miracle. This surgery enables you to develop your nutritional habit in order to maintain the desired weight. After the gastric sleeve operation, you lose excess weight and your weight is maintained for a long period of time. If there is an increase in your weight, this can depend on various factors. For more detailed information, see the Renew Your Life website.

We have done many researches and developed a sleeve gastrectomy check-up programme in order to make clear this procedure and help people who have gastric sleeve surgery.

With the help of this check-up program, personal solutions are created for the patient. It helps to analyze the operation, eating habits, stomach capacity, and sports activities, and evaluate them with tests and examinations.


Sleeve gastrectomy check-up programme includes:

  1. Measurement of stomach volume
  2. Detailed check-up of the current situation of stomach
  3. Measurement of ghrelin and leptin hormone levels.
  4. Testing of eating, sport, and activity habits.
  5. Expected weight change taking account of the present condition.
  6. Psychiatric control
  7. Sagging skin and aesthetic control
  8. Sport and nutrition suggestion
  9. Protein, vitamin, mineral and water consumption control
  10. Other metabolic analyses