Our health team makes an effort to be on your side in your new life. However, it should not be forgotten that the crucial factor is you in person. Sometimes it can happen that some patients want to cope with the entire processes, such as losing weight and adapting to a new life, on their own after the surgery. It is very important for these patients getting information from the correct source. It is up to you of course to decide whether you want us by your side in your new life. A doctor, a dietitian, or a consultant will be at your side during your new life if you want. In addition, after routine examinations, you can get information from our website. Also, the bariatric guide gives you useful information.

Post-surgical bariatric guide has been prepared in several languages. Its purpose is to make life easier for patients who have bariatric surgery. Also, it contains experiences of them and scientific information about this procedure.

This bariatric guide includes:

  • approximately 40 pages information
  • useful information for people who have bariatric surgery and start to a new life.
  • detailed information about nutrition, exercise, eating problems, eating disorders, wound care, medications, examinations, points to take into consideration.
  • suggestions about foods to be taken such as liquid, pureed foods, soft foods not to be taken in terms of your healing process.
  • both information about some problems such as vomiting,  constipation and solutions for them .
  • expected weight changes of you according to your weight and metabolic status.

After you receiving the bariatric training, the bariatric guide is given to you.