The nausea before and after eating can be caused by a variety of reasons. Nausea reasons after the surgery include:

  • cigarette
  • continue to eat despite feeling full
  • big bites
  • chew too little
  • eating too fast
  • menstruation
  • medications
  • not drinking enough water
  • skipping meals (staying hungry for too long)
  • some foods that can make your stomach sensitive
  • other reasons

Solution Recommendations

  1. If you smoke, reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke every day. Avoid smoking if you feel hungry. You can add a little ginger or lemon juice to your water. Please drink plenty of water between your meals.
  2. Stop eating after feeling full. The portion size you consumed may vary from meal to meal. Trust your stomach and listen to it.
  3. Stomach is an organ that helps us digest food. You should only take them in small amounts and chew for a long time. Wait at least a minute between bites.
  4. Medications that you use (painkillers, iron supplements, etc.) can make your stomach sensitive. Please contact your doctor in such complaints.
  5. Use hot water bottles during menstruation and eat often.
  6. Don't skip your meals. Your stomach is much smaller than before, and therefore empties faster. When you skip your meals, the space between your mouth and intestines decrease. So, an odor is formed which is produced by the bacteria in our intestines and in the process of absorption. This smell can cause nauseation.
  7. If you experience a nausea is related to certain foods, avoid these foods for a while. When you feel ready again, you can eat these foods again. Do not forget that you start your new life like a newborn baby and the tolerance of certain foods may take time.